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قديم(ـة) 05-16-2014, 07:16 AM
XRumerTest XRumerTest غير متصل
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Have you ever objectively judged your luxury items? No matter the Louis Vuitton bag or the Gucci ready to wear, is it really worth so much? Do people really treat you differently if you carry Chanel 2.55? Of course not. Put shopping in perspective is very important for fashionistas. Coach is an appropriate choice.
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LAST summer, when Apple shares were briefly the most valuable in the world, you could tease aficionados by asking them to guess what their gizmo would be worth had they spent the cash on shares instead. The same game can be played with luxury lovers. There may be cachet in a designer watch but, in recent years, there been a lot more cash in the company behind it. The explosion of the bling industry one of the great business stories of the century to date has been shaped by a kaleidoscope of influences from the rise of celebrity culture, through beckoning rappers bigging up Balenciaga, to the burgeoning mob of transglobal 0.1 per centers brilliantly skewered by Chrystia Freeland in Plutocrats: the Rise of the New Global Super Rich. The consumer philosophy that has fuelled the industry mushrooming growth is that, while you might not run to the beach front mansion, you can still buy a bag that shows you a player. Portable items of conspicuous consumption have become badges crucial investments in that other new obsession of the decade: personal branding. And if this is true in London, Paris and New York, it is doubly the case in Shanghai. The main challenge in the luxury game has always been striking the ideal balance between exclusivity and growth. "When you start to see every lady carrying a Gucci bag, you quickly lose the high end customer," says Chiang Jeonwen, a marketing professor at the Ceibs business school. That tends to push prices at the ultra exclusive end of the market even higher. According to the Guinness World Records, the most expensive designer handbag in the world is Mouawad jewel encrusted 1001 Nights Diamond purse yours exclusively for $3.8m. A more mid range option might be the $261,000 Chanel Diamond Forever bag, featuring shoulder straps made of white gold. Somewhat harder to explain is the $42,000 Louis Vuitton Patchwork bag, which looks (to the untrained eye at least) like a blinged up version of something that fell off the back of a campervan at Woodstock. In the luxe industry, it goes without saying that China is the market that counts as the main engine of growth. A new report by Bain Co indicates that Chinese nationals bought a quarter of the world luxury goods by value in 2012, at home and abroad (the weak euro has helped make bling tourism in Europe a massive market) and the percentage continues to grow. When, in 2010, David Cameron asked the Chinese ambassador how Britain could attract more Chinese visitors, he reportedly replied: "Build more Bicester Villages". This Chinese El Dorado has meant rising boats across the industry, with perhaps the greatest beneficiaries being the three giant European brand conglomerates: LVMH (Louis Vuitton, Guerlain, Givenchy); Richemont (Cartier, Mont Blanc); and Kering, the unprepossessing new name of Francois Pinault E22bn PPR group (Gucci, Saint Laurent Paris, Bottega Veneta). There been some anxiety of late that the bonanza is easing. Slowing economic growth, an improving euro, and a crackdown on conspicuous consumption by the Chinese government following one too many corruption scandals are all cited as factors. And the jitters have caused big falls in some stocks. Burberry often seen in the London market as a bellwether of Chinese consumer sentiment suffered a roller coaster ride in the autumn, despite continued strong sales. Shares in Mulberry have halved since their peak. Still, the "on dit" among industry analysts is that luxury growth prospects, overall, remain starry. Bain reckons global sales growth will ease slightly this year to 4 5 per cent. But the total size of the market (estimated at E212bn in 2012) is still forecast to reach E250bn by mid decade, partly fuelled by a rediscovery of glamour in the US, still the largest national market. That good news for the beleaguered eurozone, for whom luxury has been one of the few bright spots of late. Particularly given the continuing strength of market fundamentals. Depending on how you define it, the global middle class is expanding by around 50m a year that a lot of Joneses to keep up with. Meanwhile, the millionaire factory in new economies continues churning. But luxury companies will have to box clever. The more savvy have discerned that the Chinese market is at a crossroads. The most explosive volume growth is now to be had in the second and third tier cities of the interior. Yet the established wealthy of the coastal cities are becoming ever more sophisticated and discerning in their tastes with brands combining an element of local flavour increasingly in demand. A recent research note noted a yearning for nostalgic "retro" products among the well heeled young. It doubtless only a matter of time before "Mao chic" hits the luxury boutiques. So how might you play the market? This is arguably one sector where funds come into their own as the safest way to spread your risk. You could choose a dedicated luxury vehicle: like Dominion Chic fund, or Pictet Premium Brands. Alternatively, go for a slightly broader fund, with a heavy slant towards luxury: JPMorgan Global Consumer Trends might fit the bill. Some still have their doubts. Warren Buffett famously said: "Never invest in a business you don understand" and, for many, the logic underpinning sales of blingish bagatelles like handbags will always be hard to comprehend. But just because you don get it, doesn mean people aren buying. on Investing in luxury: is there still bling in bling?
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But a representative for the Chanel fashion house on Tuesday poured doubt on the book's allegations.
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So we landed at 6.30 amreached our hotel at 9.30 am, started shooting at 10.30 am and I got done at 7.30 pm. There are a lot of perks that a print journalist gets vs an electronic media journalist. In TV you need a shot of everything to substantiate your voice over that conveys the story. In print, it's all about the magic of words that can be wovenanywhereanytime and not necessarily in PARIS.
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